The Future of Blade Monitoring

Monitor and Control your blade deflections

Our values

Fibersail: creating value with our shape sensor

Fibersail redefines the knowledge about your wind farms, through a reliable and cost-efficient shape sensor able to measure and monitor each deflection of your blades in order to:

Control Blade Load

Enable performance or lifetime focus strategies for your assets

Optimize Rotor Performance

Analyze blade deflections to detect the most efficient performance mode

Reduce Asset Risk

Monitor rotor loads for continuous condition assessment

Reduce O&M Costs

Early detection of failure modes and excessive loads reduces unexpected failures

Validate Numerical Models

Predictive based algorithms allows to plan a safer and cost-efficient maintenance plan

Optimize Turbine Lifetime

Detect the most efficient blade deflections for lifetime optimization

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Our Mission

We are enabling smart load controlled wind turbines to operate between maximized power or maximized lifetime modes in a safe and controlled way according to market variables and business strategies.

We are on a mission to empower the deployment of rotor-load-controlled wind turbines that will pave the way for a far more competitive wind industry.


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Why Choose Fibersail

Longer and more flexible blades need new solutions, able to monitor and control structural behavior from the root to the tip. Unlike current technologies, Fibersail focuses on the shape and curvature rather than the strains and stresses to achieve the highest accuracy and reliability for tip tower clearance and fatigue evolution.


The shape sensor is designed to suffer only 5% of its maximum threshold under harsh conditions, extending its lifetime for more than 25 years in operation.

Tip Positioning

Fibersail sensor measures shape and deformation for the full length of the blade, determining with high accuracy tip positioning and structural behavior for safer operations.


Low wavelength ranges and frequency rates required allow for the usage of modern and low-cost interrogation technologies for higher ROI.

Retrofitting Capability

Its unique design allows for simple retrofitting or replacement procedures of full length sensors for new business models.

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Longer and more flexible blades need new monitoring technologies, able to reliably estimate structural behavior from root to tip.

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